Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do You Know Violent Israel Can Not Continue Violence?

Do You Know Violent Israel Can Not Continue Violence?

May be some of us have forgotten the fact that 2007 Israeli invasion of Lebanon was illegal and immoral. Mighty Israelis continued their assault on Lebanese civilians as Lebanon does not have Army, Navy and Air Force.

However, when the Hezbullah started to fire the Zilzal Missile the game changed. Because the Zilzal can reach any part of Israel from any part of Lebanon inflicting heavy causalities!

Anyway, the defensive forces of Lebanon and many other naturally grown resistance forces got much more missiles to strike Israel and stop Israeli aggression continuum.

Iran got more sophisticated weaponry and they are in a very high moral ground supported by almost everyone of this world.

Therefore; Israel must renounce violence, manipulation and deception for it’s own existence. Israel can survive by opting for real peace and rejecting violence and aggression.

What’s wrong With Iran?

As far as Iran goes please consider the followings:

Iran is not running the longest running concentration camps known to mankind located inside occupied Palestine with a stamp of infinity.

Iran is not murdering unarmed kids in their mum’s cradle, schoolyard and backyard.

Iran is not murdering other nationals by using friendly nation’s passports and protection.

Iran has not used phosphorous bombs to Civilians of Gaza.

Iran has not invaded Lebanon and murdered civilians.

Iran has not bombed Syria.

Iran is not distributing passports from God to ethnically cleanse Arabs (Muslims and Christians).

Iran is not a holy land.

Iranians are not ‘chosen’ people.

Iranians are not from superior race.